S2K Login_Attendance Management System

A service that allows for easy registration as well as inquiry of the attendance of a whole classroom through a Beacon Device.

Attendance Management System?

Attendance Management System?

It is a Learning Management System (LMS) module that supports teaching and learning activities (attendance, Q&A, etc.) that takes place during the class with the application of a Beacon and builds an educational infrastructure with the use of IoT Technology that can be implemented in classrooms.

Attendance Management System
  • Compact PC(Raspberry Pi)

    A single board with a Compact PC, all the devices are mounted onto the board so you can monitor information about the Room Environment by attaching sensor modules through the Input/Output ports.

  • Beacon

    Based on ‘Bluetooth 4.0’ whichisa low-power consumption Bluetooth technology (BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy). It enables various services such as message transmission by searching for smart devices within a radio of 70 meters.

System Configuration Diagram

Attendance Management System

Usage Example : S2K Attendance Management Services – In Class

Attendance Management System
  • Korea University Lecture Room Installation Photograph - 1

    고려대 강의실 설치사진
  • Korea University Lecture Room Installation Photograph - 2

    고려대 강의실 설치사진
  • Korea University Lecture Room Installation Photograph - 3

    고려대 강의실 설치사진

Attendance Registration Screen

출석등록 화면 Attendance Management System

Learning Management System (Korea University Example)

학습관리시스템 (고려대 예시) Attendance Management System
  1. ① The Professor selects the Lecture and the Date
  2. ② The Data is connected to the Academic Database
  3. ③ You can automatically check your attendance through the Mobile Application or manually enter it through the Learning Management System.
  4. ④ If you check your attendance automatically, attendance check time and tardiness (lecture start time - attendance check time) will be displayed


  • Convenient Attendance
    • Convenient service that allows you to check your attendance through a simple finger slide
    • Anyone can use the service without training.
  • Simple Access Control for Users
    • You can determine whether or not the User is in the classroom without calling out their name or having them tag a card
  • Interconnectivity test with existing system completed
    • System has been verified to be working through interconnectivity test conducted with the existing Korea University Blackboard System

Competitive Advantage

  • Pricing => Less that 1/5 the cost of RFID
    • Excellent Price Competitiveness compared to other system such as RFID or Camera Recognition System
  • Ease of Use => No extra card or device required, simple click on your phone
    • A simple click on the Smartphone Application allows it be convenient for everyones use
  • Scalability => Combination of Attendance and Learning
    • This can be scaled up not only for simple application but also for teaching and learning
  • Applying to Facilities Management, Safety Management, etc.
    => No additional facility investment needed.
    • It can be easily applied to different sector by just attaching a sensor

Comparison of Location Based Beacon Method with Other Systems

Division RFID/QR코드 NFC S2K Attendance
Checking Tool
Student ID &
Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Attendance Check
None(1:1 Method) Support(1 to All Method) Support(1 to All Method) 200+ Simultaneous
Check Support
Attendance Check
Occurrence None None
Proxy Attendance Easy (Student ID
Card Lending)
Mobile Phone Leding)
Mobile Phone Leding)
Individual Device
Authentication Function
Exit Strategy None None None
Interaction between
Professor and Student
None None None Answering
the Professor’s Call
Number of Devices
installed in a large
Two or more Dependent on number
of seats in the Classroom
One Affordable
Installation Costs
Installation Procedure Complicated Complicated Simple
Attendance Device
Needed Needed Almost Unnecessary Low Maintenance Cost
Attendance Device
Control Program
Needed Needed Almost Unnecessary


Demo Video Android

Attendance Management System

Demo Video iPhone

Attendance Management System