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A solution designed to legitimize and secure all paperwork related to loans, including the signing of all contracts between debtors and the creditors.

Promissory note Authentication Service

  • Promissory Note Authentication Server
    • This is an electronic contract through writing and signing of necessary documents between two parties, a lender who lends money and a borrower who borrows money. Once both parties have signed the necessary documents, the contract becomes Legally Binding. This service acts as a proxy for all contractual arrangements where a lender can loan actually monetary funds to a debtor through this electronic contract.
  • Advantages
    • Simplifies the procedure for filing and signing documents between the lender and the debtor.
    • Minimization of loss of time due to temporal and spatial limitations.
    • Loaning Party : Reduces the cost of lawyers and eliminates emotional pressure on the borrower.
    • Debtors Party : Loads are paid off quickly, due to reduced cost of loan procedures.

P2P Loan firm mutual cooperation Model : Promissory note Authentication Services

  • Target Service : Providing the Service of Total Processing for a Contract Sign Agreement
  • Business Model : $10 / 1 contract (example)
P2P Loan firm mutual cooperation Model