A service that provides all security related solutions ranging from registering the IoT Device to granting authorized access to the IoT equipment.


IoT Device Security

  • Hardware Security + Software Security
  • Role of Security Chip : Securing the Hardware of the LoRa Device.
  • S2K Library (Software Security)
    • Allows for Key generation, exchange, storage, and retrieval between the Security Chip and the MCU of the LoRa device
    • Also provides communication and authentication between the LoRa device and Authentication Server
  • LoRa(Long Range)
    LPWA(Low Power Wide Network) is a IoT dedicated network technology with broad coverage, low bandwidth, long battery life, and low power consumption.
  • We had provided N telecom with LoRa devices which contain security chip and S2K library. Nuri telecom supplied the main domestic Telecom with the LoRa devices. (The LoRa network is one of IoT standard networks)
  • These devices are in use as security communication Modems when the amount of electronic Gas and Electric smart meters are read remotely in korea.
  • These devices are operated on pilot project for Smart Grid.
  • The both telecom are pushing to export the LoRa devices for middle Asia with Kounosoft.

Scure2Key : IoT SECURIT

  • IoT Security for Smart Grid.
  • Had provided SKT telecom with LoRa devices which contain security chip and s2k library.
Scure2Key : IoT SECURIT

Secure Chip Role (IoT Device)

Terminal Replication Prevention

  • Without the security chip, the IoT device does not function.
  • There is a unique identifier, only one in the world, inside the Security Chip.
    (Every security chip has their distinctive number located internally.
  • The Chip is required to operate the MCU.
    Various Keys are stored and used for the communication between the MCU
    and the Gateway.
  • In order to store or read these keys, they must first go through an
    encryption and decryption process. (MCU ↔ Chip)
  • If there is an anomaly detected due to someone interfering with the communication between the MCU and the Chip(In the situation where hacker try to retrieve any information between MCU and chip), the Chip will send abnormal random values instead of the actual information and thus
    prevent hacking.

    → Reverse Engineering Protection

S2K Library Role (IoT Device)

S2K Library

  • The Chip and the MCU communicate through the use of the S2K Library and if the Library does not match then there is no communication. Also this library cannot be replaced with another.
  • In order to have perfect communication between the chip and MCU, when there is difference in S2K library located inside MCU, no further action will be proceed/executed- No substitution can be made besides using S2K library that is provided.

MCU Secure Boot

  • If there is a change to the original boot image, the boot sequence will be automatically terminated.

IoT SECURITY Cooperation System of this project