The foremost solution for protecting your PC’s information and for regulating your children’s computer and internet usage in order to prevent addictive behavior.

1. 2K Login - PC login service introduction

1. Introduction

1) Service content

This is a program which is executed every time the PC is turned on. You will be able to login to your PC only when you have approved of the login request from your smartphone. In other words, this is a PC login approval service. The S2K Login Technology protects your whole computer and all of the information present from being accessed by an unauthorized individual. This technology has received a GS (Good Software) Certification by the Software Testing and Certification Laboratory.

2) Service characteristics

  • It prohibits any access to a PC without appropriate approval
  • It allows for the user to access their PC at times when their smartphone does not have a network connection or no battery power.
  • It has an easy UI experience that does not require a learning process.
  • It has the potential to be implemented with powerful encryption technology such as Public Key and also Transaction Synchronized OTP
  • It has the potential to replace the role of ID Cards.

2. Installation of S2K Login Smartphone Application

  1. ① Download and install the S2KLogin Service Application from the Google Playstore

3. Newly registered members for S2K Login Smartphone Application

  1. ① Proceed to S2K login application for self-identification process
    As shown on the above picture, registration is completed after you have filled out the necessary details.
  2. ② After the registration process, your ID and password can now be used for login.
    S2K PC LOGIN Servive

4. PC Registration and Removal process for S2K PC Login Service.

1) PC Registration Process

  1. PC Registration Process
    • The S2K PC Login Service Program is required to be installed on your local PC.
      • In order to install the program, you can download it form the website.
  2. After the program had been installed on your PC, the ID/PW are needed to login and begin PC registration.
    • During installation, the PC System Specifications are needed to differentiate properly whether it is 32Bit or 64Bit.
    S2K PC Login Service S2K PC Login Service
    S2K PC Login Service

2) Removal Process for S2K PC Login

  • You will be able to remove an already registered PC but cannot remove one that has not been registered yet.
    S2K PC Login S2K PC Login
    S2K PC Login S2K PC Login

5. Request for Login Approval from PC

1) Request for Login Approval from PC.

 S2K PC Login Service

2) Login approval for S2Klogin will be managed from your smartphone application.

  • Once you receive the Push Notification alerting you of the Login Approval, you can authenticate yourself by pressing on the Confirm Button.
    S2K PC Login Service S2K PC Login Service

3) Login Window from your PC

  • If you have set a password for your Windows Login then you are now able to insert your password and access your PC.
    However if you have not set up a password for Windows Login, you are directly able to access your PC after authenticating yourself.

6. Login Process during Smartphone Inactivity

In a situation where your smartphone is not working due to a dead battery, weak network connection, or any other problem, then you will be able to access your PC by simply entering the ID and Password you had registered before.

S2K PC Login Service S2K PC Login Service

As shown in the picture above, the PC will wait around a minute to pick up a signal from your smartphone and after this time then you will be greeted with a screen where you can enter the ID/PW.

7. PC Status Monitoring and Controls

1) PC Status Monitoring

S2K Login allows you to monitor the current status of your PC which has already been registered to your phone. The application allows you to check whether the PC is turn On or Off and even whether you are Logged In or Our. The letters in yellow represent the type of status that can be monitored and the words in white represent the current status and also act like button which allows the user to press them in order to Power On or Off and also whether to Login In or Out. Also if the application is set to APP OFF, the S2K Login screen will not appear on the Windows Login for the secondary authentication.

S2K PC Login Service S2K PC Login Service S2K PC Login Service

8. . Other setting

  • Once you have registered a PC to the application, you are able to rename it.
  • You are also able to carry out a factory reset that resets the registry on your smartphone.
  • There are also settings for the Password and also Push Notification.
S2K PC Login Service