S2K IoT_Login Sensor Data Gateway

A solution responsible for the complete security of all the gateways and acts as an aggregate for all information transmitted from sensors.


  • Sensor Adaptor Role
    • Smart Buildings have many sensors, including temperature sensors, which require a secure method of collecting the sensor data and transmitting it to the BMS. In addition to gathering and transmitting data, security is essential for the process of registration, grating authorization for the sensors, and controlling sensors or environmental factors based on the data generated. The Sensor Adaptor is able to fulfil all of these required security needs
  • Benefits Sensor Adaptor
    • These devices contain a Security Chip. Along with the Chip, installed in the device is the S2K Library Algorithms for software security. Therefore Security is enhanced through a combination of Hardware and Software Security measures.
S2K IoT_Login Sensor Data Gateway

IoT Security Main Module Function

  • Sensor Adaptor of Sensor
    • Role of the Security Chip within the device : Store Encryption Keys
    • Reverse Engineer Protection Function
  • IoT Sensor Collection Gateway
    • Collecting All Kinds of Sensor Data
      : Possible to Interconnect Different Kinds of Sensor Equipment
    • Can be Secured during Sensor Data Transmission
    • Supporting Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa, GSM or CDMA Network
  • Key Assignment Server
    • Key Distribution and Authentication Protocol between the device and the server in conduction with the Security Chip.
    • End-To-End Security Authentication in conjunction with the Security Chip
  • Management Server
    • Device and user management function
    • Authorizing users with a specific level
    • Monitoring function
  • Client/Server SDK
    • Encryption Key Management and Storage and Retrieval of Keys Function in the Chip
    • Key Exchange Function between Security Chip and MCU on the board
    • Secure Boot Function for Kernel Image Protection during boot sequence
  • Security Management App.
    • Field manager / User Authentication Function
    • Resource monitoring Smartphone App