S2K Website Login

An ideal solution for the protection of your valuable website access credentials from potential malware or hackers.

1. S2KLogin - SITE Log in service

1. Introduction

1) Service Content

This service is a method for authentication when login to certain website by using smartphone as terminal for approval. In another word, website login will only completed when approval is obtained from terminal (smartphone). The purpose of this service is by using only website ID to obtain approval from terminal (smartphone) .Without approval, the session can’t proceed even hacker try to hack. Furthermore, it is the solution to inspect the login condition of own website ID and protect all personal account information. It is a Secure2key technology which approve by GS.

2) Service Characteristics

  • It provide the function that prohibit any access to website account without own approval.
  • It provides an easy method of UI which anybody can use even without basic learning.
  • Have the potential to implement at powerful encryption technology such as Public key, transaction synchronized OTP
  • Have the potential to replace the role when the usage of Identification (ID) card is stopped.

2. Service Procedure

1) Installation of S2K login smartphone application

  1. ① Download and install S2KLogin service application from Google Playstore

2) Newly registered member for S2Klogin smartphone application

휴대폰 본인확인서비스 로그인
  1. ① Proceed to S2K login smartphone application for self-identification process.
  2. ② After insert all login required ID password, registration is completed.

3) Website login additional service registration.

  1. * Proceed to website login additional service registration procedure.

4) Actual S2K login website service process

  1. Completed newly member registration and login at terminal website.
  2. Completed S2K login additional service at website.
  3. Insert ID on given space of website login and click ok button to proceed.
  4. Push notification will be delivered to terminal (smartphone) for authentication; users will confirm the notification and approved the request.
  5. Proceed to main webpage after website login procedure completed.

5) Consulting process with SITE administrator

  1. ① Complete and send implement application form.
    이용신청서 작성 및 송부
  2. ② Complete and sign S2K login service business partnership contract
    S2K로그인서비스 업무제휴 계약서 작성 및 날인
  3. ③ Complete and sign S2Klogin service annex agreement
    S2K로그인서비스 부속합의서 작성 및 날인
  4. ④ Synchronization between Kounosoft and client’s company server
  5. ⑤ Test run for client’s company website
  6. ⑥ Installation of additional service registration session in order to implement s2K login on client company website.